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Sweeney's Lane [9m27s] (17.1 MB)
Random Goofy Stuff and Animation [7m46s] (14.1 MB)
Puppies at Sweeney's Lane [3m56s] (7.2 MB)
The Six Dollar Man [1m47s] (3.3 MB)
Star Wars [3m27s] (6.3MB)
San Diego [3m33s] (6.5 MB)
Baby Mike and Tim [4m2s] (7.4 MB)
Baby Frederique [5m54s] (10.7 MB)
Ivanhoe Wedding Setup [1m30s] (2.7 MB)
Eltham North [3m30s] (6.4 MB)
Venezuala [3m31s] (6.5 MB)
Guatemala 1 [11m14s] (15.3 MB)
Guatemala 2 [16m32s] (22.3 MB)
Guatemala 3 [15m24s] (20.8 MB)